From Dino’s to Pilgrims

From the dinosaurs to the Pilgrims we have something for everyone here at CREATED BY U TMK CERAMIC STUDIO!

Happy Birthday Sarah

CREATED BY U TMK CERAMIC STUDIO had an adult Birthday party for Sarah. Happy Birthday Sarah Elizabeth. What a wonderful group of people. We were honored to host their celebration.

Fathers Day

A 12 year old made this for his dad. Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads from Created by U TMK Ceramics Studio.

Adult Night pictures!

Fresh out of the kiln. All of these pieces were created at adult night and each one is more unique than the other. There are so many more techniques to learn here at CREATED BY U TMK CERAMIC STUDIO. RESERVE YOUR TABLES FOR NEXT MONTHS ADULT NIGHT and u too can make your own Unique…

Paint: Jungle Gems and Crystalites

These are some of our new paints, Jungle Gems and Crystalites. They have little glass crystals that burst with vivid color during the firing process. The possibilities are endless with our beautifully diverse paint selection. Let your creativity flow and see what can be Created by U.